Nutriline Yem ve Besin Katkilari Ltd. was set up in 2007 by a team of experts with many years of experience in feed additives and veterinary drugs industry.

Nutriline provides its services with the awareness of the important role played by feed, the first link of the animal food production chain, on the profitability of the producers and on human health.

Nutriline aims to contribute to the profitability of its customers by cooperating with experienced, innovative, reliable and reputable companies around the world that use advanced technologies. Nutriline closely follows the developments in the industry and shares the information with its customers to help them enhance their know-how. Nutriline is the dealer of several multinational companies and it disseminates the technical experiences and opportunities provided by its partners with the aim to generate specific benefits and solutions and to create sustainable benefit with high quality products for its customers.

BESD-BİR Başmakcı Tavukculuk Yumurta Borsası

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